REACH CHURCH | Water Baptism
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    1. We are baptized into the Family of God by the Holy Spirit (being born-again).
    2. We are baptized in water by the disciples.
    3. We are baptized in the Holy Spirit by Jesus.


THE THREE BAPTISMS is a two-session class and each session will last approximately two hours. This class is required for water baptism at Reach Church. However, anyone is welcome to attend who would like to learn more about the three distinct baptisms taught in the Bible.

2022 Class Schedule & Water Baptism Dates

January 13th & 20th | Water Baptism, January 23rd @ 6pm – CLOSED

March 10th & 17th | Water Baptism, March 20th @ 11am

May 12th & 19th | Water Baptism, May 22nd @ 11am

July 14th & 21st | Water Baptism, July 24th @ 11am

September 15th & 22nd | Water Baptism, September 25th @11am

November 10th & 17th | Water Baptism, November 23rd @ 6pm


*Classes start @ 7pm and meet in the multipurpose room of the White Plains campus.


*IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS: The course content is heavy in nature and the room accommodations are not suitable for children to be in attendance. We ask that arrangements be made for the care of your children as we are not able to provide childcare. Thank you for your cooperation!